OnGuard Beast 8016L Chain Bike Lock
OnGuard Beast 8016L Chain Bike Lock

OnGuard Beast 8016L Chain Bike Lock

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BEAST SERIESUltimate protection for high crime areas.

OnGuard chain locks offer bicycle owners and powersport enthusiasts extra length for locking ver- satility plus the highest level of security for use in high crime areas. Massive, titanium reinforced hexagonal links render hacksaws and bolt cutters virtually useless while tight inside link dimensions make prying impossible. Available in a wide variety of chain lengths and link sizes to match your security needs. 

The OnGuard Beast 8016L offers the same protection features as their awesome Beast 8016 but has a  longer 6-foot titanium reinforced, hardened steel chain; perfect for use with trailers, racks or anywhere a longer length, ultra-high security option is needed. The Boxer U-lock can also be used alone as a disc lock.

  • Security Rating: 99  
  • Lock Series: Beast  
  • Technology: X4P
  • Power Sport Protection Offer: $1401 
  • OnGuard Bike Protection Offer: $5001
  • For Powersports: Yes 
  • For Bikes: Yes 
  • Additional Features:  5 laser cut keys (1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys) Micro-light key projects a bright white beam.