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Nelson and Cheryl Raboy                                                                             Bicycle Patrol Outfitters, LLC
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HOURS OF OPERATION:  Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST), Monday through Sunday.


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If your agency/company needs assistance with setting up your bicycle patrol program, including bicycle patrol policies and procedures, training, and selecting patrol bikes & accessories, uniforms & other safety items and maintenance supplies, we can save you a lot of time and effort in doing so.  

The three critical areas to consider when starting up a bicycle patrol program include:

1.  Hiring quality personnel who have a desire to ride a patrol bike on duty. 

2.  Selecting the highest quality bicycle patrol products including uniforms and safety equipment that has been manufactured specifically of the rigors of bicycle patrol field work.

3.  Receiving bicycle patrol training that is custom designed to meet your agency's/company's unique needs.  Bicycle patrol training should be about the quality of the instruction and not the quantity of hours devoted to a class.  

Our consulting team, who have actually worked as sworn bicycle patrol police officers on their respective agency's bicycle patrol teams, have helped dozens of law enforcement agencies, security companies and other public safety clients start their bicycle patrol programs from the ground up.  

Our team can also provide an on-site presentation highlighting the benefits of deploying bicycle patrol personnel in your city, town or contract job site(s).

We have devoted hundreds of hours to researching and field testing all of the best and highest quality bicycle patrol products that are available on the market.  We will help as you decide which products, equipment and supplies best fit your agency's/company's budget and needs.  

We have developed polices and procedures and specific training courses for our law enforcement, security and other public safety customers.  

Let us help get your bike patrol personnel in the saddle and on the streets.