Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)
Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)
Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)
Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)
Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)

Mocean Performance Polo Shirt (0352N/0353N)

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Mocean's Performance Polo shirt is designed for those who work in hot or humid environments and, for those who demand the comfort of a knit shirt. Either way, this Class B Polo is made from our 100% Polyester Flatback Mesh with a Wicking Finish.


  • *Performance Polo with Wicking Finish
  •  2-Button, Polo Style Placket with Integrated Microphone Keepers
  •  "Anatomically Sculpted TM” to Achieve the Best Fit with an Oversized
  • Chest to Accommodate Body Armor
  • “Asymmetrical Arm Eyes TM” Enhance Range of Mocean and Keeps the
  • Shirt Tucked in
  • Shoulder Epaulets
  • Long Body and Split-Tail Hem is Even Longer in the Back
  • Single Needle Top Stitching
  • SPF 40


    Vapor Pique™ is a state of the art knit fabric that was created for MOCEAN's professional uniform shirts by 'plating' two, high quality polyester micro fibres together to create a fabric face and back.

    What is Vapor Pique? It is a robust microdenier mini-pique knit that has a high-quality, yet lush and lightweight hand that will maintain its just pressed appearance all day. The balance between hand, function and durability will maintain its integrity over time and is easy to care for.

    How is it made? On the face, we use an air-spun polyester yarn to enhance Vapor Pique's durability and on the inside, against your skin, we use a soft, micro-polyester fibre. The two fibers are 'plated' or knit together with one yarn type positioned on the face of the fabric and the other yarn type positioned on the back of the fabric.

    Will Vapor Pique wick perspiration away? Yes. We've added a permanent wicking treatment, Q-wick™ to the inside yarns. Q-wick™ quickly sponges perspiration away from your body and disperses it along the outside fibers to speed evaporation and cooling.

    Will it Fade? No. Garments made from Vapor Pique™ will not fade because it's knit from 100% polyester yarns. Unlike cotton and cotton-blends, polyester is known as one of the most durable and colorfast yarns.

    The bottom line is: You get 'More comfortable patrol hours per garment' with MOCEAN's Vapor Pique™.