Bicycle Patrol Outfitters, LLC receives phone calls on a regular basis from various law enforcement agencies, military organizations, security companies and other public safety entities asking for our help in setting up their bicycle patrol programs.  We have helped many agenices and companies with as few as two and as many as hundreds of bicycle patrol personnel set up their bicycle patrol programs from the ground up.  Let us help you too! 

One of the first questions individuals who have been tasked by their agency/company to set up their bicycle patrol program ask is, "How much is this going to cost us?"  After these important financial questions, the next comments they we usually hear is, "Setting up a bike team is not easy!  There is a lot of information to consider which is very overwhelming." 

Yes, starting a bicycle patrol program can be overwhelming if you try doing all of the research and work on your own.  Going at this alone can also be a tremendous waste of your valuable time.  

Now I ask you, why not use our 25+ years of bicycle patrol and retail experience to your advantage?  Don't reinvent the bike wheel.  For just a nominal fee, we will do the majority of the leg work for you.  In fact, we will even waive most, if not all, of our consultation fees if you purchase one of our Start-up Bicycle Patrol Program packages (select one below). 

Let Bicycle Patrol Outfitters, LLC serve as your personal bicycle patrol program start-up consultants.  We guarantee this will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. We will help you put the best equipped, best trained and best looking bicycle patrol teams on the streets you are responsible for providing police or security services.  

What are all of the different Bicycle Patrol Start-Up services  we offer?  

Our consultation services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Decide on the best, most cost-effective bicycle patrol equipment, uniforms, safety equipment, maintenance tools, cleaning supplies, and everything else you will need to get your personnel in the saddle and on the street.
  • Design a custom, on-site Basic, Intermediate or Advanced bicycle patrol training course for your personnel. 
  • Develop bicycle patrol policies, procedures, and selection criteria.
  • Create a bicycle maintenance service schedule utilizing our convenient and cost-effective mobile bicycle maintenance mechanic service.  Consider this as well, no more Workers' Comp injury claims from your personnel who get injuried loading or unloading the patrol bikes to drive them to or from your local bike shop. Our professional and highly skilled bike mechanic will drive to your agency/company where he will repair and clean your patrol bikes there!  
  • Develop a functional bicycle storage and bicycle service area.
  • Utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise to serve as your agency's or company's expert witness in any bicycle patrol-related lawsuit.  None of our competitiors have our expertise - we are police officers (bike officers) and bicycle business owners. 

Why should you hire Bicycle Patrol Outfitters as your bicycle patrol program consultant and exclusive bicycle patrol retail company?

  • Our owners are working police officers with over 60 years of combined law enforcement experience.  One owner is currently the Interim Chief of Police at a large Southern California University and our other owner is a LAPD Motor Sergeant and Bike Team Supervisor.
  • We have extensive field experience as bicycle patrol officers.
  • We have nearly 20 years of bicycle patrol-related retail experience.
  • We have over 24 years of bicycle patrol training experience.
  • One of our owners is has extensive expeience as a Threat Assessment Professional, is acourt-recognized expert in the area of bicycle patrol use of force issues and is a former Special Weapons and Tactics Officer (SWAT).
  • One of our owners/trainers is Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), DRE instructor and Intoxicated Driver Apprehension Program (IDAP) instructor  with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Call us at (951) 318-7341 or email us at for more details.

Product   Price
Premier Bicycle Patrol Products & Consultation Package  
Orig.: $15,725.00
Sale: $7,500.00
Code 3 Bicycle Patrol Products & Consultation Package  
Orig.: $9,775.00
Sale: $5,000.00
Code 2 Bicycle Patrol & Consultation Services Package  
Orig.: $4,175.00
Sale: $3,000.00
Code 1 Bicycle Patrol & Consultation Services Package  
Orig.: $3,125.00
Sale: $2,500.00
Bicycle Patrol Program Start-Up Consultation Services  
Orig.: $2,625.00
Sale: $1,250.00