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Please click on the "Ordering Olympic Uniforms" tab before placing your Olympic Uniforms order. 

The instructions are very detailed and will help facilitate a fast and easy uniform ordering process.  Normal delivery for all custom uniform orders takes anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks depending on the time of the year - Spring and Summer are Olympic Uniforms' busiest times for uniform manufacturing. 

The add-ons listed in this section are not included in the standard uniform order pricing.  These add-ons must be added to your shopping cart separately.

For example: 

If you require a shoulder patch on your uniforms, you must either select the one shoulder patch option (and then indicate which shoulder you would like the patch on) or the two shoulder patches option. 

If you would like the name of your company/agency on the front and/or back of your uniform shirt and/or jacket, each letter (depending on the color and style) much be added separately to your shopping cart).  We can add a custom ordering button specifically for your company/agency on our website to help facilitate an easier lettering ordering option. 

If you have any questions before adding any of the upgrades to your shopping cart, please contact us by either email at or call us at (951) 318-7341.  You may also fax your questions to us at (714) 990-2448.

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Olympic Uniforms Zip Out Liner

Orig.: $84.00
Sale: $82.00

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