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 Police Officer Owned Business



Welcome to the Bicycle Patrol Outfitters' (BPO) online store.  BPO is a Police Officer owned company specializing in law enforcement and public safety bicycle patrol accessories and equipment, bicycle patrol team set-up, consulting services, and bicycle patrol training.  We also offer our Southern California customers a mobile patrol bike mechanic services.  Our company is dedicated to all   law enforcement, public safety and United States military personnel. We truly appreciate your service to America!


What makes BPO stand out from its competition is that its two owners are/were working police officers who have over 63 years of combined law enforcement experience, 30 years of bicycle patrol experience and over 19 years of bicycle patrol retail and training experience.  


We have earned the trust and respect of our dedicated customers all around the world.  Our public safety customers include Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, Park Rangers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Military Police Officers, Security Officers, Tribal Police Officers, Tribal Security Officers, Parking Enforcement Officers, Campus Security Officers, Hospital Security Officers, Volunteer Patrols as well as many other public safety agencies and military units. 


BPO's Retail Sales Division is a proud Corporate Member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) 


BPO is a certified California Small Business and a registered Central Contractor Registration (CCR) certified company.  


We accept  purchase orders from approved law enforcement agencies, military and other public safety agenices/companies. 


Our owners, sales staff, bike patrol instructors and professional bike mechanics have logged thousands of hours in the saddle and/or behind the wrench.  We know which products will work for you in the field based on our "real life" bike patrol experience and the valued feedback we receive from our customers.  We are not simply a bike patrol retail company; we actually ride the city streets in uniform.


Our extensive bike patrol experience gives us a very unique perspective on the products you will need to perform your job safely, effectively and efficiently.  Because we have field-tested all of our products, we are confident each one will meet or exceed your expectations. 


Please take a moment to check out our online store.  As you will see, we carry many bicycle patrol products and accessories in our online warehouse.  However, in order to keep our prices as low as possible and to pass these savings along to you, we must keep our online store simple by featuring only our most popular products.  If you do not find a particular product or service you need in our online store, please call us at (951) 318-7341 or (951) 482-5882 or email us at and we’ll help locate whatever product or service you need.  You may also fax quote requests to us at (714) 990-2448.  Thank you and please be safe!




Mike Flynn & Jeff Hutchison (Owners)

Bicycle Patrol Outfitters, LLC 


 We are dedicated to public safety!