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Basic Bicycle Patrol Course (1-day)
Course Fee
Mandatory Waiver Required

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Price: $195.00
Availability: Minimum of 5 students required
Prod. Code: Basic



Our 1-day training course is designed to teach bicycle patrol personnel the following basic skills and techniques:

  • Basic Riding Skills
  • Slow speed riding techniques
  • Braking techniques
  • Proper gear selection
  • Mounts & dismounts
  • Negotiating obstacles & riding on various surfaces
  • Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Basic Maintenance (tire repair and chain maintenance)
  • Pre-Ride Safety Checks
  • Surveillance Techniques
  • Bicycle Nomenclature
  • Safety Equipment
  • Public Relations


1.  Each participant must have their own bicycle to participate in this training (no bike sharing).  Bicycles must be in excellent working condition prior to the start of the class.  Minimally, tires shall be in excellent condition, both brakes and shifters must work properly, and there can be no major mechanical problems with the bike. 

Students are required to wear the following safety equipment at all times when riding in the class:

  • A certified bike helmet (ANSI, Snell, CPSC)
  • A pair of 3/4 or full finger riding gloves 

2.  Each student must complete a release of liability form prior to participating in this training course.  You may download this form in the Bicycle Training section of this site.  Please note, this course is not designed to train a student how to ride a bicycle for the first time.  Students are expected to minimally know how to ride a bike as well as the basic operations of a mountain bike.



Students are strongly encouraged to wear the following during

the riding portions of the training class:

  • Shatter-resistant safety/sunglasses
  • Stiff-soled bicycle patrol specific bike shoes such as Patrol Cycle shoes, etc.
  • Bicycle patrol specific uniforms such as Mocean, Olympic Uniforms, 5.11, etc.


 $250.00 per person (5 or more students minimum), or

$1,200.00 flat fee (4 or fewer students)


Additional Fees: 

There may be additional fees for diem costs for courses taught outside California.  Please call us for details.

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